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Advantage of aeroTAP

Background and current problem

[ Operating with Large Screen ]

  • euch screen is not good for large screen. Because it too large to touch avrywhere and it gets dirty and tdamaged. Also the hardware cost is still high.

[ Operating with Finger or Pen ]

  • Non-Contact User Interface is required if user have dirty or wet hand.

[ Low Cost & Connecting with Versatility ]

  • Cost of Touch Screen has been declining but webcam advantage of low-cost and powerful usefulness makes it powerful alternative input device.

Why aerotTAP?

There is a lot of non-touching solution with using of Webcam, IR, UltraSonic sensors. But it still has the following concerns.

[ Requires Special Hardware ]

  • Using IR/Ultrasonic requires special hardware. Development and hardware cost will be high.

[ High-Speed Processing ]

  • Usually graphic processing requires a lot of CPU resource. It is hard to implement as interface utility.

Where to use aeroTAP?

[ For pesonal use ]

  • If you want to relax and surf Web site, you can navigate yur browser without using keyboard nor mouse.
  • If you are using large size of PC monitor. We are operating PC a bit far from monitor. it is good situation to use aeroTAP to enjoy Video/DVD.
  • When you are cooking and want to control screen from remote.

[ For public use ]

  • Integration aeroTAP to Digital Signage system will enable interactive and rich digital contents to consumers.
  • Web can navigation is better than touch screen. Display will be damaged by touching.

For question about integrating aeroTAP, OEM, please contact us from Customer Support.