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  • About aeroTAP 3D camera
    • Warranty period for aeroTAP 3Dcamera?
      Warranty period of the camera will be one year since the purchase.
    • Possibility for application development?
      It is possible to develop application by using aeroTAP SD.
  • About aeroTAP
    • A predetermined distance suitable for the operation?
      A subject image from the waist up is appropriate position to fix the distance. For more technical information, please refer to aeroTAP Technical Information
    • The difference of license
      Please follow the links "The difference of license".
    • Is personal purchase available?
      Personal purchase is available, but some functions for business use are not available.
    • Is commercial web camera available?
      A generic web camera is available, but some functions are not available. Please use aeroTAP 3D camera for business use.
    • Recommended commercial web camera?
      Please follow the links "Recommended camera".
  • Other inquiry
    The contact links is here.