aeroTAP for medical technology, agents are now being accepted!

aeroTAP for surgery support


Surgeon might to accessed directly during surgery the digital data(PACS、DICOM、3D model image) stored in the computer.

Surgeon accesses Pre-load digital data in computer during an operation. Bring the computer with medical images to surgery room, Touchless sterile navigation is now ready.

  • No special hardware or programming required
  • Extremely hygienic
  • Enable anyone to easily operation
  • Unnecessary take gloves off
  • Reduce surgical operation time and surgeon's frustration

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Springer Nature
"Novel imaging using a touchless display for computer-assisted hepato-biliary surgery"

3D-CG Virtual Operation Unit in University of Tsukuba Hospital

aeroDRAW for endoscopic surgery support


aeroDRAW assist endoscopic surgery navigation.

It scans endoscopic images in real time and surgeon and operator will be able to make annotations. aeroDRAW can display overlay of 3D organ images.

It also enables hands-free drawing and area highlighting on the display when used in conjunction with aeroTAP.

*aeroDRAW is developed by nextEDGE technology in conjunction with University of Tsukuba Hospital.

It's defended against spread infection in facility

Currently information devices deployed in the hospital are accessible through traditional interfaces such as keyboard, mouse and touch panel. Those interface devices can compromise sterility and spread infection.

aeroTAP can turn those devices to touchless devices, and sterile navigation is possible.

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