3D content Development by aeroTAP 3D USB Camera!

Simple specifications.

Developer Support (SDK)

You can download the latest aeroTAP SDK from here

using aeroTAP3D USB Camera, you can obtain stereo image via UVC compatible API (DirectShow). You need to use aeroTAP SDK and API to obtain Depth Map and Color image.

USB2.0/3.0 Compatible. Multibple 3D Camera can be used ( depending on USB controller ) at the same time

SDK for aeroTAP3D USB Camera provides following functions.

Depth Map, Color image from aeroTAP3D USB ( VGA and QVGA)

Object Tracking using Depth Map

Hand detecion and tracking.

Face detect and tracking.

Gesture detection.

Open source

Raspberry Pi2 and aeroTAP 3D camera

OpenNI2 + nuiTracker Skelton Demo
aeroTAP 3D USB
Upper body tracking

OpenNI2 Driver(Windows) Beta: OpenNI2, nuiTrack, PCL OpenNI2 Grabber, RTABMap Compatible

ArrowOpenNI2 Driver for aeroTAP 3D USB Camera

aeroTAP_OpenNI2.zip ( 2018.9.19 )


For Linux environment:

When Lonux OS detects aeroTAP 3D USB camera, device list shows two camera devices: /dev/video0 and /dev/video1. You can obtain color image from video0 and depth map from video1.
Obtained depth map ( 8bit data) are value 0 - 255 disparity data. You need to use conversion table to real distance (mm) data by using ZDTable.
ZDTable can be loaded from aeroTAP camera by using Windows SDK. You need to generate ZDTable for VGA, QVGA...to use for iunx application.

Linux Sample Code ( Openframeworks)

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Raspberry Pi2/3 Support:

Works with Raspberry Pi2/3
aeroTAP 3D USB is good choice to develop IoT/Smart Deivce using 3D Sensor.
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ZDTable Export tools(with code sample):

Windows OS VS2015 source
ExportZdTable.exe is a tool to export ZDTable fromm camera.
Sample code

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Game Cursor

Application detects and tracks nearest object using Depth Map and control mouse cursor. You can play Fruit Ninja and other applications by air.

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Face Cursor

Application using aeroTAP SDK to detect face. it control mouse cursor by face.

3D Blue and Red Eye Glass

Genera 3D image from stereo view.

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Wrapper for Openframeworks

Simple wrapper for Openframeworks

ECS (Environment Control System)

Tool to controle TV or Smartphone from aeroTAP called envPAD.exe

User can customize and edit menu and device list.

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PCL Grabber

Grab points data from two aeroTAP 3D Camera at the same time.

AR Drone 2.0

Navigate AR Drone controller running on PC by aeroTAP. Hand tracking.

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